This is how we should PLAY!

Stage by stage recommended approach to play.

“Hard work beats talent when talent does not hard work."

  • Study the chapter, get the concept from teachers or tutors or through smart classes.

  • Use Training Zone on a specific topic eg Light (Science-8).

  • Keep a close look on training completion. The more the completion better the future fights!

  • Training Zone identifies patterns and auto adjust itself based on responses.

Training Zone
Tips: Completion of your training on a topic ensures greater scores.

"You will never lose a fight until you quit."

  • Here we challenge other warriors.

  • Each win boosts our scores.

  • The scores decides the ranks.

Combat Zone
Tips: Invite friends to join the battle field.

"Practice like you've never won. Compete like you've never lost."

  • Complete your Training Zone.

  • Be on time and play till end.

  • Look closely at final results.

  • Share it with your friends.

Competition Zone
Tips: Invite friends to join the battle field.

“In preparing for battle; plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

  • Get deeper into self-analysis and analysis the competitors

  • Measure strength and weakness by accuracy data.

  • Measure coverage.

  • Follow the recommendations to opt Training or Combat Zone

Surveillance Zone
Tips: Compare your statistics with friends, gauge your comparative knowledge.

“Your rank decides what you earned so far.”

  • There are Group and HOF leaderboards.

  • Group leaderboards are based on how accurately you responded to questions in those subjects in Fight Module. One accurate response is equal to one group point

  • Hall of Fame leaderboard is based on the overall scores.

Ranking Zone
Tips: Push yourself as hard as possible.